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Frank Gehry’s Loyola Law School – An Architectural Tour + DVD

A book by Robert Benson – Including an exclusive 20-minute video interview with Gehry on the Loyola campus

  • Softcover: 71 pages
  • Publisher: Robert Benson (January 2010)
  • ISBN-10: 0615380484
  • ISBN-13: 978-0615380483


“The concept of Gehry’s design — geometric shapes, punctuated by color accents — appear to owe much to Piet Mondrian, the early 20th century Dutch painter, who himself was deeply influenced by Vermeer…of the 17th century. Sweeping yellows and oranges with accents of red and white create in the viewer a sense that the architecture is alive and breathing…. Gehry’s interiors…give one the feeling of being inside a lively interior. Occasional exterior columns seem to point to a Greek past where disputation and rhetoric were highly prized. The…sense given off by these columns and their background is one of stately elegance, an acknowledgement of the past and a means of continuing to expand the send of spaciousness that pervades the entire, highly imaginative, law school design.”

Bernard Selling

Musician, photographer, writer, director, producer and writing teacher

“A fascinating look at Gehry’s design for the Loyola Law School in the contexts of both the school’s history and Gehry’s architectural career.  Thoroughly enjoyed it!”

Mark Bernsley

Law Offices of Mark Bernsley

“One of the best architectural field trips in downtown Los Angeles is to Loyola Law School, a “village” conceived by Frank Gehry in the late ’70s. This beautifully written and photographed guide to the still-startling campus offers an inside history of how the controversial architect came to be hired by a conservative Jesuit faculty, along with a detailed walking guide.”

Sharon Cohen

Writer and Editor, Los Angeles

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“The gorgeous photos in Robert Benson’s book take you on a walking tour of this jewel box campus hidden right in downtown Los Angeles. The book also offers an insider’s history about how Gehry convinced a conservative group of academics to let him  do a radical makeover of their facilities. On the DVD I liked hearing Gehry explain his thinking for the design and how he gets into the creative process.”

Francesco dell'Oglio

Architecture Enthusiast